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From experience, we know that, above all things our customers want reliability from the diesel generators they buy. This is what we strive to deliver; which is why Electrical Generators Ltd only stocks and deals in British made goods.

We have a number of preferred alternator suppliers (Leroy Somer, Newage, Marelli, Marathon, Mecc Alte) and a number of preferred engine suppliers (Cummins, Perkins, MTU, Volvo, Lister). The strength of our agreements with these suppliers means we can pass on excellent generators at highly competitive rates.

Whether you’re looking for an open generator or acoustic (soundproof), or whether you need a diesel generator between a range of 18 and 2,200 kVA; we can supply it to you anywhere in the World quickly.

See how we may be able to help you with your generator needs by calling us on Call now on 0333 666 3888 or email us at sales@lectricalgeneratorsltd.com

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