Situated at the eastern quadrant of the African mainland, Ghana is one of the most populous nations among the mid-sized countries of Africa. Ghana has produced a great many footballers and football is one of the primary reasons Ghana is famous for in the world.

Ghana is counted among the fastest growing economies among the African nations. Although the majority of Ghana’s electricity demand is met by hydroelectric sources, followed by other non-renewable sources, there is a huge gap in the demand and supply of electric power among the commercial and domestic electricity users of Ghana.

Moreover, being a coastal nation, Ghana often faces many natural calamities and therefore, the power supply from the grid gets interrupted. Also, the voltage fluctuations and other issues with the grid transmission of Ghana have acted as a deterrent to the fast progress of Ghana’s economy. In such situations, electrical generators can be the biggest source of back-up/standard power.

Electrical Generators Limited, headquartered in the Birmingham, United Kingdom, aims to fulfill this gap by offering its huge inventory of a wide range of diesel based electrical generators for the demand of the Ghana market. We have a steady flow of the power generation equipments from renowned manufacturers like F G Wilson generators and other brands that uses Perkins engines. You may like to call all the brands using Perkins engines as Perkins generators, because of the same make of the engine they use at the heart of their equipments.

We are well aware of the geographical and climatic condition of Ghana, apart from the environments in the industrial, commercial and residential areas in the country. The generators for sale with us are of a wide range of power rating and are made to withstand any condition.

Electrical Generators Limited has already established itself in the British soil and is strongly positioned to meet the challenges that new and open markets like Ghana poses before it. It may be the regulatory and statutory challenges, technical challenges, the supply chain and marketing challenges, or the challenges regarding after-sales service – we are ready to address them all with competence and confidence.

We heartily welcome and encourage Ghanaians to contact us with their requirements of electrical generators. We are a renowned British supplier of new as well as used generators with diesel and gas engines. The ranges of products we have in our warehouses are sufficient to meet any number of commercial as well as domestic orders. Therefore, enterprises as well as individuals can surely expect to get top-notch products and service from a British generator supplier with global vision and outlook.


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